Today the Region 28 Director of the National Labor Relations Board approved a settlement agreement between Rural Metro, the Local I-60, and the NLRB regarding four unfair labor practice cases set for trial tomorrow, June 16th.

After weeks of trial preparation and settlement attempts, the NLRB’s Division of Appeals sided with the Local I-60 and the Region 28 NLRB office by denying the company’s appeals for the government to issue a bad-faith bargaining charge against the Union. Management was also dealt a third blow last week when a federal Administrative Law Judge denied their motion to yet again delay the trial. Rural Metro sought to consolidate the cases against them with the appealed allegations against the Union. The following morning, Thursday, June 11th, the Company began pursuing settlement options with both the NLRB and the Local I-60 – likely the result of their rejected appeals and rejected motion to consolidate.

On Friday, June 12th, the parties were able to reach an amicable agreement to resolve the four unfair labor practices against the company, which was contingent upon today’s approval by the Director.

While the win doesn’t let us see the company’s executives behind bars for their unlawful conduct, it is still a major win for labor.  The four cases included two for their conduct at the bargaining table while working toward a new contract, a third for their unlawful unilateral change surrounding the black-out weekend of March 2t6th, and the fourth for their unlawful and unilateral change to Fountain Hills staffing.

Regarding the March black-out weekend, all members who were impacted by having to remain off of the schedule to obtain a doctor’s note or had to pay to obtain a doctors note are being reimbursed with interest for any time missed or expenses incurred.

Surrounding the staffing issue of Fountain Hills, 10 of the 11 members bid into Fountain Hills who were displaced as a result of the Company’s failure to negotiate the change in staffing are being compensated with 128 hours of pay – equivalent to two weeks of pay, with interested added on.