After learning of our fights and struggles, the General President of the International Association of Fire, Harold Schaitberger, and his team announced their support for the Local I-60. Their support has not just been words of encouragement, but rather actions on our behalf to ensure that the private EMS members of the Local I-60 are treated with dignity, respect, fairness and professionalism.

The IAFF Local I-60 was just awarded $100,000 from the IAFF to help pay the legal fees incurred for having to defend our retirement by seeking an enforcement of the Pension Arbitration Award in US Federal District Court. The funds are also going to pay the legal fees incurred in holding the company accountability for their numerous unfair labor practices. This funding is a tremendous show of support and faith from the International, and will ensure that the Local I-60 can continue to fight for its members.

General President Schaitberger also penned a letter to Rural Metro’s CEO, Scott Bartos, demanding that the Company comply with labor law, and start negotiating in good faith. Schaitberger also pledged his financial support of the Local I-60, which he has more than followed through with.

These are just two examples of the support we have had behind the scenes from the IAFF, and don’t include the countless hours of legal and strategy advise, bankruptcy counsel, and other acts to ensure the members of the Local I-60 are well served.

Thank you all for your continued support of the IAFF Local I-60 and for the hard work you do every day.