As part of the settlement agreement(s) signed between the Local I-60, Rural Metro, and the National Labor Relations Board, both the Employer and the Union have to distribute certain notices to employees and members. This information outlines the rights of the Union and bargaining unit members, and specifics what actions each party will or will not partake in.

In the summer of 2014 and in early 2015, Robert Coyle (Rural Metro’s Labor Negotiator) inundated the Union with dozens of information requests to which I, as President and Chief Negotiator, refused to furnish. Some of these documents requested by Mr. Coyle were his attempt to breach attorney-client privilege and attorney-work-product doctrines by demanding that the Union give him communication between the Union and it’s attorneys. Mr. Coyle also demanded the Union give him copies of our constitution and by-laws, the by-laws of the IAFF, and even copies of any contracts that the IAFF had with other ambulance providers. We refused, and Robert Coyle filed a complaint against the Local I-60 with the NLRB.

The Region 28 Office of the NLRB in Phoenix investigated Coyle’s allegations, and found all but a few requests to be without merit, relevance, etc. Coyle then hired an outside law firm to appeal the Region’s decision to the Division of Appeals in Washington, D.C. where the appeals investigation came to the same conclusion¬†as Region 28’s Director — that only a few requested documents were pertinent and that all other allegations of bad-faith against the Union were dismissed. You can read the dismissal letter and both appeal denial letters here (PDF).

The Union settled the roughly 5 document requests which were found to be relevant by entering into an informal settlement agreement with the NLRB which requires the Union to produce any of the requested documents in it’s possession, and inform the employees and members via an official Notice posting. You can find a posted copy of this notice at Station 1 in Mesa, AZ as directed by the NLRB, and an electronic copy of the Notice here as a PDF.¬†We are distributing the above linked notice to employees and members pursuant to a Settlement Agreement approved by the Regional Director of Region 28 of the National Labor Relations Board in cases 28-CB-141890 and 28-CB-147154.

If you have any questions regarding this NLRB settlement, please contact a Union Officer or email myself at