During last week’s Labor-Management Meeting, the Local I-60 presented an updated shift bid policy that more accurately reflects currently practice, and more importantly, reduced the “lock-in” period for bids from 120 days down to 90 days. The policy revision also reduces the accept/deny window from 72 hours to 48 hours.Thank you to everyone who has been patient and understanding with the new on-line system, and for the valuable feedback on the process.

A copy of the policy can be found below:


Awarding of Full-Time Shifts:

  1. Full-Time permanent shifts will be awarded on a monthly basis following the posted bid schedule for each area (e.g. Central Arizona, Southern Arizona). Changes to the posted bid scheduled shall be mutually agreed upon during the Labor Management Committee and/or Scheduling Committee.
  1. Employees may request up to four open positions in order of preference.
  2. Requests must be submitted electronically prior to the close of the posted bid cycle.
  3. A joint Labor / Management Scheduling Committee meeting will be held following the close of the bid cycle to award bids.
    1. The Scheduling Committee shall award shifts based on seniority within the bargaining unit in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
    2. In the event two employees submit a bid for the same shift with the same seniority, the person with the most experience in the respective position shall be awarded the shift.
  4. Once an employee accepts or declines an awarded shift, the employee is not eligible to bid for 90 days.
  1. The Labor / Management Committee may mutually suspend this process and fill the necessary open shifts in a different manner in order to meet the immediate or urgent operational needs of the Company.

Submitting A Bid:

  1. Any bids submitted must be submitted using the online shift-bid system (http://portal.locali60.org) during the bid cycle. Bids not submitted via the designated system shall not be considered valid and will be discarded.
  1. Employees who encounter problems accessing or using the online shift-bid system must e-mail shiftbids@locali60.org for assistance prior to the close of a bid cycle.

Accepting or Declining a Bid:

  1. Employees who are awarded a shift bid must accept or decline their awarded bid using the online shift-bid system (http://portal.locali60.org) within 48 hours of notification of the award. Failure to accept or decline the awarded bid shall result in a default acceptance of the bid.
  1. Once an employee accepts or declines an awarded shift, the employee is not eligible to bid for 90 days.

Shift Bid Seniority:

  1. Seniority for shift bids shall be the cumulative time an employee has in the bargaining unit, provided that:
    1. There has been no break in service (i.e., separation of employment greater than thirty days not overturned by the grievance or arbitration procedure)
    2. The employee has complied with non-bargaining unit policies (e.g., part time employment policy) while not employed within the bargaining unit absent any mitigating circumstances.
    3. Employees shall not continue to accrue shift bid seniority while performing duties in a non-bargaining unit position and shall resume accruing seniority upon return the the bargaining unit.
  2. Employees who promoted or transferred to a non-bargaining unit position prior to July 1, 2015 shall retain their full seniority pursuant to the 2009-2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement (e.g. Article 12.2)
  1. Should two employees with competing bids hold the same seniority level, the individual with the most experience (e.g. certification time) in the respective position shall prevail.

Miscellaneous Eligibility:

  1. Employees are ineligible to submit a bid if they have received discipline at or above the written level during the previous three (3) months.
  2. Due to contractual obligations and other external factors, the following areas require specified seniority:
    1. Maricopa East Valley EMS (e.g. RETS) – 90 Days
    2. Maricopa West Valley EMS – 180 days
    3. Pinal County – 180 days
  3. Notwithstanding extraordinary circumstances, employees who are on an approved leave status (e.g. ICA, FMLA, PLOA, PTO, etc) shall retain their bid for the duration of their approved leave.