As you are undoubtedly aware, Rural Metro is implementing a new deployment plan in the West Valley with an implementation date of October 3rd.

While the Local I-60 disagrees with the re-deployment plan which reduces several twenty-four our shifts to twelves and sixteens, the Union will be handling the shift bid process to minimize the impact to our members and insure a fair outcome.

Employees are encouraged to review their shift bid seniority date as shown on the Union’s website as soon as possible.

You can view the most current seniority lists by clicking the link below:
Paramedic Seniority
EMT Seniority

Any errors in dates must be reported via email to no later than 0800 on Thursday, September 17th, 2015. Errors not reported by this time shall be deemed abandoned for this bid.

According to the in-effect CBA, ” 12.2 An employee promoted or transferred from a job classification in the bargaining unit, either before or after the effective date of this Agreement, to a non- bargaining position shall retain the seniority he had at the time of such promotion or transfer and shall continue to accumulate seniority while he is in such non- bargaining position. Such employee, upon returning to a bargaining position, may be placed in the job to which his ability, seniority and qualifications would entitle him if his employment with the Company had remained unbroken. If a person holding a non-bargaining position is discharged, he may be eligible for return to the unit.”

Detailed instructions for submitting a bid, along with more specific timelines for the bid will be sent out Thursday evening once seniority dates have been confirmed.
Shift bids will begin for Paramedics on Saturday, September 19th, and end at 8pm on Monday, September 21st.
Shift bids will begin for EMT’s on Tuesday, September 22nd, and end at 8pm on Thursday, September 24th.
All bid results will be published on Friday, September 25th, 2015.