Shift bids for the re-deployment plan were scheduled to start tomorrow, September 19th, 2015, however due to pending seniority issues and management back-tracking on the agreements made during the bargaining process, the bids have been temporarily placed on hold.
When Rural Metro’s management team initially proposed the new deployment plan, several discussions occurred, and ultimately Rural Metro agreed that “once implemented, all schedules for the West Valley will either be 24 hour shifts or a combination of 16’s and 12’s totaling 48 hours.” ┬áThis evening the Union received notification that Rural Metro, unilaterally changing the terms and conditions or their own deployment play, will be scheduling many of the twelve hour shifts to be 36 hours week one, 48 hours week two (3/4 Split). This an even greater reduction in income for our members, and is unacceptable.

Until a final list of shifts in the deployment plan can be negotiated, the Union is not able to open shift bids.