It’s always interesting to see how Rural Metro puts a spin on what atrocities they are bestowing on their employees.  From pension plans and longevity, to hours of work and overtime. 

Today Rural Metro’s Vice President of Operations, Kevin Stock, posted a notice to all Central Arizona employees on NetScheduler regarding their decision to postpone the delays in 

On September 19th, the Union was notified by General Manager Jeff Baker that the Company was no longer agreeing to ensure employees were provided at least 48 hours each week, but rather they were going to schedule employees for 36 hours in week one, and 48 hours in week two. This directly went back on their earlier agreement — par for the course with Rural Metro. 

As there was no sense in wasting everyone’s time bidding out shifts that management no longer agreed to, the Union’s leadership elected to place the bid process on hold, which was done so on September 20th.

Also on September 20th, the Union once again notified Mr. Stock (R/M Vice President of Operations) that the Local I-60 was not in support of the decisions to reduce coverage in Glendale and place the communities and our members at risk. While Mr. Stock’s notice on NetScheduler attempts to play to the emotional tune of supporting our families, he attempts to blame the Union for placing the bids on hold. What he does’t do is mention that he is taking money away from your family. While knowing your schedule in advance is very important for planning, budgeting, and life in general, not taking a cut in pay is even more important. 

The Local I-60 is here to represent, defend, and protect our members against poor company management and leadership that, frankly put, simply hides behind the Union — whether it be blaming the Union for delaying shift bids, or blaming the Union for making them pay what is owed to a pension plan. Rural Metro isn’t focused on keeping it’s employees safe. Rural Metro isn’t focused on ensuring the hard working EMT’s, Paramedics and Nurses have the working equipment and supplies to provide excellent patient care. Rural Metro isn’t focused on providing the best response times and coverage to the communities we serve. What they are focused on is maximizing profits before patients. They are focused on reducing labor costs… your income. 

The Local I-60 leadership has not been notified of anything since our September 20th e-mail to Mr. Stock. Further attempts to get information from Rural Metro have gone unanswered.  The Company has also not notified the Union of the new deployment date of October 17th. 

You can view a copy of the September 20th e-mail by clicking here (2015-09-20 Notice to Stock PDF).