The Local I-60’s By-Laws, which govern the operation of the Union, were last updated in September of 2013. A few clerical errors have been discovered since then, and a few other items need updating. For these reasons, I am formally calling for a vote on modifying the Union’s by-laws on December 15th, 2015 to be ratified by secret ballot vote.

The complete modified by-laws shall be posted to the Union’s website on December 1st, and a brief summary of the proposed changes are below for your convenience.

Article 6 – Section 5: Trustees
This section is being updated to align the trustee position with the Vice President such that they report directly to their respective Vice President.

Article 6 – Section 6: Regional Vice Presidents
This section is being updated to better outline the organizational structure of the Union by creating a reporting structure between an area’s Trustees and it’s Vice President. The change also shifts the default burden of disciplinary/investigatory matters to the Vice President such that the Trustees can focus on being front-line communicators for the Local.

Article 7 – Section 2: Election Committee
In the past by-law revisions in 2013, the nominations process was moved from October to November to reduce the ‘lame duck’ period following elections. One reference to October was erroneously left in the by-laws. This section is being updated to correct the reference to October to read November.

Article 9 – Political Action Committee By-Laws
In 2014, the Union’s Political Action Committee was closed pursuant to Arizona Revised Statues and payroll deduction of political contributions was ceased, leading to no need for this section which states that the Political Action Committee would maintain its own by-laws. In addition, it was learned after inserting this 2013 language into they Local’s by-laws, that the PAC had never actually held its own by-laws. This section is being removed from the Local’s by-laws as it is no longer applicable to the Local I-60.

Article 10 – Section 2: Dues
During the most recent meetings of the executive board and general membership, it was discussed that a change to the current dues amount would be beneficial and well received. In summary, the change will restructure the dues amount to be based on annual salary and hours worked rather than a flat fee per pay-period. This change will typically reduce the dues amount for those that are assigned a schedule with 36 or 42 hours per week as they are working less and receiving less from working in the Local I-60’s bargaining unit. With this change, there will be a minimum of $20 per pay-period and a maximum of $30 per pay-period such that no member will have their dues increased from the current amount.

The above noted changes shall be posted on the Union’s website on December 1st, 2015, and shall be voted upon by members in good standing at the December 15th, 2015 general meeting(s). The times and locations of the December 15th meeting shall be posted to the Union’s website no later than December 5th, 2015. In accordance with the Local’s by-laws, the changes must be adopted by secret ballot with a two-thirds majority of the members present at the scheduled meeting.

If you have any questions regarding the above changes, please send an email to me at

Thank you for your continued support and for the hard work and dedication you selflessly provide to communities throughout Arizona.


Kevin A Burkhart
IAFF Local I-60