The IAFF Local I-60 and AMR are pleased to jointly announce the reinstatement of longevity pay and the processing of retro-active longevity payments for all eligible I-60 employees — a total of over $735,000.

The reinstatement of the longevity pay and the retro-active payments for longevity resolves the long standing sticking point between I-60 and Rural Metro and begins a new relationship between I-60 and AMR.

Retro-active longevity payments are scheduled to be paid as a separate check this Friday (December 18, 2015) with the regular paychecks.

As representatives of Local I-60, PJ and I, along with AMR’s leadership, ¬†are excited that the Company is able to provide the longevity payments prior to the holiday.

The payment of the longevity bonus clearly displays that AMR seeks to work together and build a strong working relationship that will hopefully continue to resolve other outstanding issues and attain a successor collective bargaining agreement in the near future.

We thank you for your continued hard work providing excellent service to our communities and look forward to collectively building a positive working relationship.

You can download a copy of the join memo in PDF here.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes,

Kevin Burkhart
IAFF Local I-60