Shift Bids for Maricopa and Pinal Counties are available online at as of midnight tonight. You can view open shifts at anytime, however submissions will not be accepted until midnight tonight. Bids must be submitted by February 9th, and will be awarded February 10th. Shift bids will take effect March 5th. You can also view a PDF of the open shifts by clicking here.After many months of being on hold, the Union has pushed through a new shift-bid policy and schedule. Most importantly, discipline is no longer a deciding factor in awarding shift bids. This change allows members to move away from areas in which they are not successful or to bid away from partners when personality conflicts exists, as you can now bid despite having discipline in your file. Another important change the Local I-60 was able to implement is the removal of any “lock” period for shift bids. You are now free to bid each round without having to be on a truck for 120 days. However, if you win a bid and decline it, you will not be eligible to bid again for 60 days.

This bid round has over one hundred open spots in EMS between Maricopa and Pinal Counties. Interfaculty rides will be posted on the next bid round. You can review the new policy, and the schedule of bid cycles, from the shift bid menu on uses your employee number as your username. If you have not set a password for this site, you will need to click the reset password link and enter your e-mail address. If the system does not recognize your e-mail address, please send an e-mail to a union officer for assistance.

Because of the number of shifts, there may be an error or two. If you see a truck that shouldn’t be on there, please let us know so we can get it fixed.


– Kevin