As most of you are aware the company is migrating from NetScheduler to Kronos/Telestaff for our scheduling/payroll/clocking in and out functions. This change is effective August 6, 2016. With this change every hourly employee is now going to need to clock in and out using the following website, .It is required that each employee clocks themselves in and out using your own username and password. You should be able to access the Kronos website from any company computer, including your MEDS tablet. If you miss any punches for your schedule you will need to go back in and edit the punch and send it off for approval. In order for those hours to be captured in payroll there MUST be a clock in and clock out punch. Please make sure to review your timecards and punches regularly (at least each weekend) to help make sure that your hours will not get dropped. This system does not currently recognize a schedule that does not have time stamps so make sure you are diligent with your punches.

Additional training materials on clocking in and out along with how to make edits in the event that you miss a punch can be downloaded by clicking here (TimeStamp Powerpoint). Please make sure that you go review the information and if you have any questions please contact your on duty Shift Commander. During this transition the Company also asks that you try to limit non-essential phone calls into scheduling since they are going to be busy with this transition as well.

You are still able to submit trades, forfeits and PTO requests through TeleStaff and are encouraged to do such. TeleStaff is the scheduling component and allows you to see your schedule, PTO, etc. The website for TeleStaff is