EMT Brian Lemaster, coworker, friend, brother, son, father, and fiancé,  passed away on September 21st.  His fellow co-workers and EMS community will be holding a celebration of life for Brian on Monday, September 26th at 7:30pm (1900), and at 9:00 pm (2100) there will be a balloon release. All are welcome to attend the celebration event which will be held at AMR Station 1 located at 617 W Main Street, Mesa, Arizona.

Brian’s funeral services will be held on Thursday, September 29th, 2016 at Mountain View Funeral Home (7900 East Main Street, Mesa, Arizona 85207). Viewing will be at 09:00 AM, followed by services at 10:00 AM. Class A/B Uniforms are optional for Fire/EMS personnel.

Jobs like Brian’s as an emergency medical professional is not an easy one. It’s toll on our bodies and minds is no gentle matter. PTSD and depression are real issues, work issues. If you or anyone you encounter needs help — even if it is just somebody to talk to — please do not hesitate to call EAP, call a friend, a supervisor, a union officer or the CISD team.

The phone number for EAP Counseling is 1-800-925-5327. CISD for this tragedy can be reached by calling Kari Spannerella at 520-429-2796.