The Local I-60’s leadership, along with leadership of other Unions around the country, was recently made aware of upcoming and significant healthcare changes that effect all of our members. As the integration of Rural Metro and American Medical Response continues, Envision Healthcare is integrating current R/M employees into their healthcare plans effective January 1st, 2017.

The upcoming changes will have both positive and negative impacts for all employees at Rural Metro.  These impacts range from another open enrollment period in the very near future, to a potential resetting of deductibles by switching to a new plan and carrier.

Envision Healthcare has a private exchange marketplace which offers employees the option to pick Aetna, Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Cigna, and United Healthcare. Each provider/carrier will offer Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Safety Net plans with deductibles ranging from $1,000 Individual / $2,000 Family (Gold) to $6,450 Individual / $12,900 Family (Safety Net).  Individual costs range from $25/mo for Safety Net to $263.97/mo for Gold.

The Local I-60 leadership and AMR/Envision Healthcare leadership will be meeting in October to hopefully reach an agreement regarding already contributed FSA funds as well as mitigating any impact with resetting deductibles.