As we get closer to integrating into Envision Healthcare’s benefit plans, we have more information to share that may significantly impact you and your family.

Envision Healthcare offers employees access to a private market exchange called OneExchange where different insurance providers each offer four different plans ranging from Gold (highest premium with lowest deductibles/out of pocket max) to a Safety Net plan (lowest premiums and highest deductible/out of pocket max).

  • Gold ($1,000 Individual / $2,000 Family)
  • Silver ($2,000 Individual / $4,000 Family)
  • Bronze ($3,225 Individual / $6,450 Family)
  • SafetyNet ($6,450 Individual / $12,900 Family)

Below is a chart show the anticipated median costs of healthcare for 2017. Some carries are more or less expensive than others. The chart below illustrates the median (middle) costs for each plan level.

Median Bi-Weekly Costs of Healthcare Plans*
Coverage Gold HRA Silver HSA Bronze HSA   SafetyNet HSA
Emp. Only $121.27 $66.75 $39.67 $15.19
Emp. w/ Spouse $273.47 $158.97 $102.09 $39.98
Emp. w/ Child $247.43 $143.83 $92.37 $36.94
Emp. & Family $416.71 $242.23 $155.57 $60.15

Similar to Rural Metro’s power of vitality program, there are opportunities for employer contributions to your HSA/HRA based on participation in various activities — such as the biometric screen or online health assessment. These employer contributions can range between $250 to $750 for you and your spouse each.

Envision Healthcare also offers Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Life Insurance, and addition voluntary benefits including pet insurance, pre-paid legal services, home and auto insurance, accident insurance, and critical illness insurance.

The Local I-60 leadership will be meeting with Envision Healthcare representatives October 11th to mitigate the impact of these changes, including addressing the changes to deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

*The chart shown provides median rates of all exchange carriers and is based on information available at the time of this post. Actual rates may change based on collective bargaining and changes to carrier plans prior to open enrollment.