Just a quick update on several labor issues….

Nominations Meeting for Union Officers
Meetings will be held in Maricopa & Pima Counties for nominating union officers on November 9th. Open positions include Secretary, Treasurer, Central Arizona Vice President, and Southern Arizona Vice President.  For more information, click here.

Healthcare Changes
Local I-60 bargaining unit members, as well as nearly all Rural Metro employees, are being transitioned to AMR’s healthcare plans. Open enrollment is from October 31st through November 11th and can be completed by visiting www.takecaretakecharge.net. If you do not enroll in benefits by November 11th, you will not have insurance coverage for 2017. New plans will take effect January 1st, 2017. As this change impacts deductibles and FSA contributions, it is important to review information regarding this two items by visiting https://www.locali60.org/2016/10/22/healthcare-changes-deductibles-and-contributions/

Uniforms & AMR Integration
New hires are being issued AMR uniform items, and current employees are being issued replacement uniforms in phases, starting with the east valley (Mesa, Superstition, etc.).  West valley, Pinal County, and Pima County will follow in the next month or two. Any items ordered using your uniform allotment will be branded with AMR (or LifeLine Ambulance for Graham County and Tri-City MEDS). The Uniform Shop will also be permitting those who own a 3-in-1 parka jacket with SWA or R/M on it to trade it in for a new AMR jacket.  If you have any issues obtaining uniform items, please contact a union representative for assistance.

Payroll Issues
It’s no secret that hundreds of payroll issues have occurred since migrating to Kronos/TeleStaff in August.  Nearly all of these issues have been resolved. If you are still having issues with wrong pay rates, missing hours, double deductions, etc., please e-mail your manager and copy a union representative. Please remember to check your timecard in Kronos at the end of each week for any missing punches or hours.

401k Contributions
Unfortunately, those of you with funds in Fidelity are still not able to transfer them to Charles Schwab yet. The company anticipates a few more months before the IRS will finalize the plan termination process. More information will be posted as it comes available.  Please remember that 401k contributions are matched up to 7% dollar-for-dollar each pay-period based on seniority. Contributions to a 401k plan also reduce your income tax liability. If you are not currently contributing to a 401k plan and would like to, please visit https://workplace.schwab.com/.

Pension Retirement Benefits
Pension participants (anyone with at least one year of service prior to July 1) should have recently received a pension benefit statement that provides example benefit information for retirement based on your current salary, years of service, and age. If you did not receive a statement, it is most likely because your address on file with Rural Metro was not correct. If you need another statement or have further questions, please contact the Rural Metro Benefits Hotline. Pension benefits are only available upon the earlier of reaching twenty years of service, or age sixty-five. Pension funds cannot generally be rolled over or cashed out prior to retirement age or twenty years of service.