The schedule for 2017 shift bids has been finalized and approved by Labor and Management, and a change was made to the remaining bid cycles for 2016.  The original bid cycle for November/December posed a significant issue for many employees as they make plans for the upcoming holidays, and based on feedback, the schedule was revised to reduce this impact without freezing bids. 

The bid cycle scheduled to start tomorrow, November 12th, has been modified to open November 26th, close December 6th, be awarded December 7th, and be effective January 7th, 2017. This change was made to afford everyone the opportunity to plan any holiday festivities with their friends and family without having to worry about changes in shift assignments. 

The 2017 schedule has been built to reduce the time from closing of bids to awarding of bids from 72 hours, down to 24. This means you will know sooner if you won your bid or were outbid. The opening time still remains ten days. The time between award and effective dates has been slightly increased from 14 days to an average of 24 days. This will allow those bidding on shifts to have more time to make any changes to their personal commitments prior to starting the new shift. It also gives those who are temp-placed/autofilled more notice for a schedule change. 

Also a result of feedback from members, we will begin posting live real-time results of shift bids as people accept or decline their bid awards.

If we can further improve the shift bid process, please send an email to with your comments, concerns and suggestions to we can continue to make this process easier, more effective, and more efficient for you.