A special election is being held for newly certified bargaining unit members of Maricopa Ambulance, LLC to elect a Vice President and Steward/Trustee. Terms shall oficially begin seven days following publication and certification or election results and shall end December 31st, 2017 (which will begin the term for new officers on January 1st, 2017 following the Union’s normal election cycle).

As this is a special election, you do not need to be a dues paying member of the Union to nominate, be nominated, or cast a vote in the election.

Nominations are now open for both positions and can be submitted via e-mail to the Union’s Secretary-Treasurer, Diana Overton (Diana.Overton@locali60.org). All nominations must be received by 5 PM on June 30th, 2017 and must include the name of the nominator, the name of the nominee, and the position for which he/she is being nominated. You are also welcome and encouraged to nominate yourself for either position. Nominees may only appear on the ballot for a maximum of one position and must accept or decline their nomination within twenty-four hours of being notified by the Union’s Secretary-Treasurer or President.

On July 1st, all bargaining unit members will be notified of the official candidate list via e-mail and provided additional voting instructions. All voting will be conducted online via a contracted third party to ensure ballots are kept secret and secure. Polls will open at 8 AM on July 3rd and close at 5 PM on July 4th. Election results will be published on the Union’s website and via e-mail to all Maricopa Ambulance bargaining unit members July 5th, 2017.