American Medical Response will be implementing a new deployment plan for interfacility units effective August 5th. The new plan will provide a variety of schedule types including 12 hour shifts, 10 hour shifts, and 8 hour shifts which have start times varied throughout the day/night. This new deployment plan will unfortunately impact all employees currently working on interfacility units. We have worked with local management to implement a unit numbering system that can easily determine what part of town the unit is based out of. Units will designators in the 10’s, 20’s, and 30’s will be based in the east valley, 40’s will be in the west valley, and A51 will be the contracted AirEvac ambulance at Sky Harbor.

As you may know, several years ago Southwest Ambulance acquired Professional Medical Transport who had their own schedule and deployment plan for the hospital to hospital and general transport market. Several years after the PMT acquisition by Southwest, American Medical Response purchased both PMT and SWA and at that time AMR was also providing interfaculty transfer services in Maricopa County. Through these mergers and acquisitions most of the deployment plans have remained unchanged and in a lot of areas they overlap in unnecessary and inefficient ways and do not meet the realistic needs of the area.

After looking at all of the historical data and contractual requirements, a new deployment plan was developed that integrated Southwest Ambulance, Professional Medical Transport, and American Medical Response. The Local I-60 portion of that deployment plan is what will begin on August 5th.

While hardly anyone likes change, especially one this dramatic, this change in deployment will improve staffing abilities, reduce hold-overs, improve schedule choices for bids, and also allow AMR to better meet response times and contractual requirements. For some, the schedules may be very similar to what you currently work, and for others it may mean working four ten hour shifts rather than four twelve hour shifts. Because of the annualized pay system in the Local I-60’s labor agreement, your hourly pay will be adjusted so there is no loss of income to you if your hours are reduced. This change will also begin a process of crews having the same ambulance and equipment each day rather than having to adjust to constant change.

Going forward, all interfacility units will be on the normal shift bid cycle which opens August 12th. For those who currently have a hard bid position within the interfacility system already, there will be a special displacement bid following the normal process used for displacements in the past. Displaced employees will have the opportunity to bid first prior to the implementation date. You are receiving this e-mail because you are listed as having displaced status.

The displacement bids will be done online using the normal shift bid system and will open today, July 13th, at 5pm. Those wanting to use their displacement status will need to submit a bid by 5pm July 19th after which time all remaining employees in the interfacility system will begin being temp-placed into the new schedule.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself ( or or to management if you have any questions. Displacement bids opened today, and another e-mail notification will be sent out as reminders prior to the deadline of July 19th deadline for those who are being displaced from a current hard-bid shift.