Two meetings will occur on November 16th, 2017 — a special meeting to wrap up the September 20th by-law revisions, and the regular general meeting which will include union officer nominations, by-law revisions, and other regular business of the Local.

The agenda for the special meeting is limited only to the outstanding by-law revisions from September 20th’s meeting. The special meeting will commence at 9 AM followed by the regular meeting. The agenda for the 9 AM special meeting can be downloaded by clicking here. 

The agenda for the regularly scheduled meeting, to start at 9:30 AM (immediately following the special meeting), can be download by clicking here (PDF). Please note that there is a member-initiated By-Law change which increases union dues to $30 for all members, in lieu of the $20-$30 range currently in use. A list of member-initiated changes can be downloaded here (PDF Attachment A). The executive board is also proposing modifications to the By-Laws, which can be downloaded here (PDF Attachment B).