On Saturday, December 16th, 2017, candidate Ronald Ricks filed an official objection to the election results.

It is the responsibility of the election committee to investigate the allegations, determine their merit, and determine any impact they may have had on the outcome of the election.

The US Department of Labor provides recommendations on resolving protests, in part, those are:

– Review the election protest thoroughly
– Review the by-laws and election rules
– Review election records
– Decide if the allegation is true
– Determine how many votes may have been affected if the allegation is true

After all allegations have been reviewed and the facts determined, election officials must decide what action is appropriate. If an allegation has no merit, no corrective action is necessary and election officials should deny the protest. Any allegation which has merit should be closely analyzed to determine the number of votes affected and the possible impact on the election results. 

Election officials have notified the protesting member of their decision in writing and also advised the protesting member of the basis for the decision. A copy of the committee’s findings and rulings can be downloaded here (PDF). This decision was reached after careful review of all the presented facts, allegations, election records, and applicable by-laws and regulations.