Policies & Procedures

This page is a reference for employees working in the Local I-60 Bargaining Unit at Rural Metro and Southwest Ambulance.

Newly Created and/or Recently Updated Policies & Procedures

  • E.14 – Dispatch Response Policy (2016-02-YY)
    • Policy updated to permit travel within one (1) mile radius of assigned posting location.
  • A.2 – Appearance Standards (2016-02-YY)
    • Policy updated to unrestricted size of tattoo and permit facial hair (e.g. goatee) which does not interfere with an N-95
  • B.7 – Paid Time Off / Vacation (2016-02-YY)
    • Policy updated to clarify short notice PTO (must be submitted online for future dates) and reflect current contract language.
  • B.9 – Shift Laterals (2016-XX-YY)
    • Policy updated to reduce wait period for a shift lateral following a shift bid to 60 days. No restriction if lateraling to the same unit but different shift.
  • E.8 – Shift Bids (2016-XX-YY)
    • Policy updated to remove impact of discipline on shift bids, and to eliminate the lock-in period after accepting a shift bid.