Shift Bids

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What are Shift Bids?
Anyone working under the Local I-60’s collective bargaining agreement is assigned permanent shifts based on seniority through a bid process. Each bid cycle, members are given the opportunity to bid on up to four (4) open shifts in order of preference. When the cycle closes, shifts are awarded based strictly on seniority.

How do I see what shifts are open?
The list of open shifts is available online by visiting and selecting “Open Shifts” from the Shift Bid menu.  Open shifts are updated approximately twenty-four (24) hours prior to the bid cycle opening.

What if my seniority date is incorrect?
If you believe that your seniority date is incorrect, please send an e-mail to with your full name, employee number and a brief explanation of why you believe your seniority date is incorrect. Please also include the date you believe your seniority should be. Most seniority dates are corrected within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

The bid system shows I am an EMT, but I promoted to Paramedic recently, what do I do?
Send an e-mail to with your full name, employee number, and a brief message stating you promoted to paramedic.

Can I change by bid once it is submitted?
Yes, you can change or delete your bid at any time until it is processed to be awarded. To change your bid, you have to delete your current bid and create a new bid. This is done by viewing “Bid History” on and clicking the small trash can icon to the right of your bid.

How do I know my bid was received?
After submitting your bid, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. In addition, you can visit the “Bid History” page on to see any submitted bids and their status.

What time to bids open and close, and when are they awarded?
Bids open by 5pm on the date posted to open, and close at 11:59:59 PM on the date posted to close.  Bids are awarded the day following the close of the bid cycle by 5 PM.

How do I know I won a bid?
Winners are notified via an automated e-mail. The e-mail specifies what shift was awarded and provides instructions on how to accept of decline the shift bid award.  If you did not win a bid, you can check the status online by visiting the “Bid History” page on where you will see “Outbid” in the status column.

If I win a bid and decline it, can I bid again?
If you decline an awarded shift bid, you are prevented from bidding again for another sixty days.

If I win a bid and accept it, when can I bid again?
If you win and accept an awarded shift bid, you are eligble to bid in the next round.

How long do I have to accept or decline an awarded shift bid?
You have forty-eight (48) hours from the time you are sent the automated e-mail notifying you that you were awarded a bid. If you do not accept or decline the bid within the forty-eight (48) hours, you are presumed to have accepted the awarded shift by default.

If an awarded bid is declined, is it given to the next person in line?
No, it is not awarded again to another person. The shift will be placed back on the open shift list and available to be bid on in the next round of shift bids.

What is the shift bid schedule for 2017?
The below dates are subject to change based on external issues such as changes in city contracts, re-deployments, etc.

Bids Open

Bids Close

Bids Awarded

Bids Effective