☑ Support Labor, Vote Union

The Local I-60, a local of the International Association of Firefighters, was established and chartered in 1992, and has successfully and faithfully represented its members for 22 years. Representing over 800 EMTs, Paramedics and Registered Nurses who provide emergency services to communities throughout Arizona, the Local I-60 was founded to collectively bargain for fair wages, hours, and working conditions while improving the EMS profession.

Longevity Pay Withheld

Rural Metro has unlawfully withheld, and continues to withhold contractual pay from senior employees despite rulings of the NLRB.

Pension Reduced

Rural Metro unlawfully reduced pension benefits for nearly 1,100 people, and continues to do so despite a ruling from an arbitrator.

Bad Faith Bargaining

Recently the NLRB filed a federal complaint against Rural Metro for bad-faith negotiations.