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Why we do it


Reason one

We believe strongly in protecting the rights of all employees

Reason two

We believe that it is paramount to ensure that our members are able to lead successful, and meaningful careers

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

We believe in taking care of those who spend their lives caring for others during terrible and high stress events

Our Work

We support Emergency Medical Professionals, to enable them to serve the public with pride, fair treatment, and honor.

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What others say

“The NFL Players Association supports the dedicated members of IAAF Local I-60 who will be protecting all of those in attendance at Super Bowl XLIX. We thank the skilled EMTs, Paramedics and Registered Nurses who are committed to ensuring the health and safety of fans, players and their families.” NFL Players Association | 2015

“This is exactly what the membership needs is to know their voice is heard. I hope they use the survey more often to make decisions and I could see the union expanding the membership if this is how they are going to handle business.” Member | 2018


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