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Meeting notices, contracts, and other resources are available on myUnion ( Your username is your email address. If you need assistance accessing your account, please visit the Union Help Desk

Union Election Information

Election information, including important announcements, results, and protest information can be found at

Membership Meetings 

The Association’s meetings are held regularly between all areas the Local I-60.  All meetings are open only to members of the Association who are in good standing. Notices, Agendas and Minutes for meetings can be found on myUnion ( To submit an agenda item, please email Secretary Kacy Stoneburg more than ten days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Due to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID), the Local is currently holding meetings via Zoom to ensure the safety of all of our members. Participation requires advanced registration using the link found on the meeting agenda.  To view the agenda, please visit 

Union’s Constitution & By-Laws

The United Emergency Medical Professionals of Arizona is governed by it’s Constitution and By-Laws and those of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

United Emergency Medical Professionals of Arizona

The current by-laws of the association can be downloaded by clicking here (pdf). 

Members of the Local I-60 adopted revisions to the by-laws in November of 2017, with additional modifications at the request of the IAFF in June 2019. Pursuant to the IAFF’s Constitution and By-Laws, those adopted revisions were sent to the IAFF General President and Legal Department for approval.  Approval was granted July 11th.

The Local I-60 is comprised of two chapters: American Medical Response (AMR) and Maricopa Ambulance. The AMR chapter is further divided into two regions: Central and Southern Arizona. Central Arizona is comprised of Maricopa and Pinal Counties, whereas Southern Arizona is comprised of Graham and Pima Counties.

International Association of Fire Fighters

A copy of the IAFF’s Constitution and By-Laws can be found by visiting and logging in with your membership information. If you need assistance, please contact our Secretary-Treasurer.

Collective Bargaining Agreements


American Medical Response (R/M, SWA, Tri-City)

UEMPA IAFF Local I-60 has represented Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Registered Nurses at Rural Metro Ambulance, Southwest Ambulance, Tri-City Meds, all of which now operate as either American Medical Response or LifeLine Ambulance.

We represent LifeLine Ambulance personnel in Safford, Arizona, and San Manuel, Arizona. We represent American Medical Response personnel throughout Pima, Pinal, and Maricopa Counties.

A copy of the collective bargaining agreement can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF).


Maricopa Ambulance, Priority Ambulance

A copy of the current collective bargaining agreement covering Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Registered Nurses, and Dispatchers is available for download by clicking here (PDF)

Retirement & Pension Funds

The resources below are meant as informational to assist current and past members who may have had retirement funding (e.g. 401k, pension, etc) from a represented employer. All questions should be directed to the appropriate plan sponsor or plan administrator.

Rural/Metro Retirement Savings Plan (Fidelity 401k)

The Rural Metro 401(k) Savings Plan was terminated and all funds from Fidelity were either rolled into an IRA, cashed out, or converted to an annuity, based upon a participant’s choosing. By default, 401(k) funds were rolled over to an IRA with Millennium Trust Company on December 8, 2017. If participants have questions regarding their Rural Metro 401(k) plan or outstanding loan, they should contact Fidelity directly at 1-800-835-3361.

Global Medical Response / American Medical Response (401k)

Employees of American Medical Response (and Southwest Ambulance, LifeLine Ambulance, Rural/Metro Ambulance, etc) who are employed as an EMT, Paramedic or Registered Nurse are eligible for a bi-weekly 401(k) contribution match of up to 7% dollar-for-dollar dependent upon seniority and service time.

The American Medical Response 401(k) is managed by Empower, and contribution matches are based on the following schedule:

  • 10+ years of service: 7% match (dollar for dollar)
  • 5+ years of service: 6% match (dollar for dollar)
  • Under 5 years of service: 5% match (dollar for dollar)
  • Hired on/after March 1st, 2016: 6% match ($0.50 per dollar)

Southwest Ambulance Pension Plan

The Southwest Ambulance Pension Plan (SAPP) was formed in 2004 and frozen to new participants/service time accruals on July 1st, 2016. The plan is currently managed by The Principal. You may contact them directly at 1-800-547-7754 or visit 

Membership Information

Membership in the United Emergency Medical Professionals of Arizona and the Local I-60 of the International Association of Fire Fighters is available to any EMS professional (Emergency Medica Technician, Paramedic, Registered Nurse, or Dispatcher) who is working in a bargaining unit represented by our organization at the time of application.

Becoming A Member

To become a member of the United Emergency Medical Professionals of Arizona and the International Association of Fire Fighters, you must be employed in a represented bargaining unit at the time of application. Employees of our bargaining units (e.g. Rural Metro EMS, Southwest Ambulance, LifeLine Ambulance, American Medical Response, and Maricopa Ambulance) are welcome to join by completing an online application at

Membership Dues & Benefits

Membership Dues are charged bi-weekly via payroll deduction, and are based on 1/26th of 2% of your annual pay rounded to the next whole dollar. Dues are capped at $30 irrespective of your income. Example: A member that has a base income of $32,000 would pay $25 each paycheck.

Cancelling Your Membership

Upon separation of employment from one of our bargaining units, your membership will be canceled within thirty days. You are able to maintain membership in our association, but to do so you will need to make the request in writing and arrange for payment of dues. Please send your request to If you wish to cancel your membership and are an active employee represented by our association, you will need to complete a withdrawal form with the Local Secretary. 

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