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Election Committee

AMR – Central Arizona

Frank Hernandez

David Minkowski

AMR – Southern Arizona

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Election Dates

Address Verification
October 12th, 2022
October 23rd, 2022

Nomination Notice
October 24th, 2022

Nomination Meeting
1030am on November 17th, 2022

Ballots Prepared & Mailed
10am on November 22nd, 2022

Checks for Undeliverable Mail
4PM on 11/26, 12/01

Ballots Counted
10am on December 7th, 2022

2022 Local I-60 Union Officer Elections


Nomination and Voting Eligibility

Both the nominee (candidate) and the nominator must be members in good standing at the time the nomination is made.

Members may nominate themselves, provided they are members in good standing with the Local I-60 and IAFF.

Nomination notices and election ballots were mailed via US Mail to the last known address of all members in good standing on October 27th.  If you have recently moved, please update your address with the Local I-60 using the online member portal at

To be valid, voters must remain eligible and in good standing at the time the ballot is issued and at the time the ballot is counted.

If you need assistance with election materials (missing or damaged ballot materials), please email the Elections Committee (

Candidate Nominations

Nominations for candidates to open offices must be submitted in person at the November 17th membership meeting, or via electronic mail to prior to the November 17th, 2022 regular membership meeting. To be valid, the electronic mail nomination must be received on or after November 16th, 2021 and prior to 10am on November 17th, 2022.

Both the nominee and the nominator must be members in good standing as of the time of nomination.

Members in attendance of the November 17th regular meeting will be permitted to nominate any member in good standing from the floor.

Candidates need not be present to be nominated. Those nominated will be contacted by the elections committee to accept or decline their nomination(s).


Candidate Campaigning

Candidates, and their supporters, are permitted to campaign for nomination and election in compliance with the local and international by-laws, and applicable US Department of Labor laws and regulations.

Candidates or supporters wishing to distribute campaign materials to the membership may utilize the Union to distribute such materials to the degree permitted by rules and regulations. Union funds nor Employer funds may be used to support a candidate. As such, there are applicable costs for distributing campaign materials via the Union.

Candidates may send campaign-related literature in one of two methods:

1) via electronic mail; or,
2) via United States Postal Service.

Candidates electing to distribute campaign material via mass e-mail shall provide the literature in plain text or rich text format (RTF) such that the content may be inserted into the Union’s email system.

Candidates shall be charged a flat fee of $10.00 for each mailing. The election committee shall facilitate mailing of the literature to all members in good standing (for which the Local has a non-employer email address) within three (3) business days upon receipt of materials.

Candidates electing to distribute campaign material via U.S. Postal Service must provide shipping ready materials with postage affixed such that the election committee may affix address labels and deliver them to the post office.

Candidates shall be charged a flat fee of $20.00 for each mailing to cover the cost of time and materials, including delivery to the local post office. The election committee shall facilitate the labeling and mailing of the materials within five (5) business days wherever possible upon receipt of the campaign literature.

The Local can segregate or segment the membership list, such as by Employer and/or by job classification.

The costs indicated above are to recover any expenses incurred by the local for time and materials to the degree which can ensure no Local funds are used either directly or indirectly in the distribution of campaign literature.

Please reference the Constitution and By-Laws of this Local (Article VII: Sections 4 and 5) for any addition information.

Election Ballots

The Local I-60 conducts its union officer elections via US Mail in accordance with the US Department of Labor’s laws.

Ballots will be mailed to each member in good standing on November 22nd, 2022. Those ballots are to be returned to the Elections Committee via US Mail in a timely manner such that they arrive in time to be counted on December 7th, 2021. Ballots that arrive after the above date/time will not be counted.

Alternatively, the Local’s by-laws permit the in-person return of the ballots to the secured ballot box at the Union’s office in Tempe, Arizona. To utilize this method, please schedule an appointment time with the elections committee to ensure somebody will be present to assist you.

Each ballot return envelop is marked with a unique identifier. This is used to ensure that each member votes only once and that all ballots can be accounted for by the committee. Your secret ballot envelop is separated from this identifiable return envelope prior to counting to ensure that your vote remains a secret.

If you need assistance, have questions, or need replacement ballot materials, please contact the elections committee as soon as possible via email to


Candidate Observers

Candidates may appoint an observer to observe the production and mailing of ballots, the retrieval and counting of ballots, and checks of the PO Box for undeliverable mail.

The Election Post Office Box will be checked by a member of the elections committee at 4pm on the following dates: November 26th and December 1st. The Post Office is located at 135 N Center St, Mesa AZ 85201.

Ballots will be prepared on November 22nd at 10am at the union’s office in Tempe, Arizona.

Ballots will be retrieved on December 7th at 10am and will be counted at the union’s office in Tempe, Arizona.

All observers will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Should the number of observers prevent adequate social distancing, alternative locations may be necessary for preparing and counting ballots.  All candidates will be provided advanced notice of any necessary changes.

At-Large Positions

At-Large positions are voted on by the entire Local I-60 membership, and not by any one particular chapter or region. Those elected to at-large positions are also delegates to the IAFF convention pursuant to the Local’s Constitution and By-Laws. These offices hold three year (3yr) terms commencing on January 1st, 2023.



Sergeant at Arms (Not an automatic delegate to the IAFF Convention)

Maricopa Ambulance Positions

No Maricopa Ambulance specific postions open for the 2022 election cycle

AMR Central Arizona Positions

Steward/Trustee (Position Vacated by Jeff Sinclair) – 2 yr term

Steward/Trustee (Position Vacated by Alicia Shields) – 2 yr term


AMR Southern Arizona Positions

Southern Arizona Trustee/Steward (Position vacated by Jamie Giampa) – 1 Year Term

Southern Arizona Trustee/Steward – Safford Operations (New Position) – 3 Year Term 

Election Results

Election Results will be posted following the Ballot Count on December 7th, 2022



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Tempe, AZ, 85282 United States

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